Моніторинг Реформ

Methodology for monitoring the progress of reforms in Ukraine 

Prior to the Ukraine Reform Conference - 2021 in Vilnius, the RPR Coalition together with civil society partners conducted a public monitoring of the progress of reforms in Ukraine for 2020 - June 2021 based on the analysis of the implementation of recommendations from the sectoral analytical briefings on reforms in Ukraine prepared by civil society experts in early 2020.

Monitoring has the following methodology and content structure:

Section 1. Monitoring of the implementation of recommendations on reform priorities for 2020 - May 2021

  1. Make a list of recommendations provided in the analytical brief. It is recommended to place them in a logical sequence and in order of importance.

  1. Provide an analysis of the actions of the authorities to implement the recommendations and assign a status of implementation to each of them (out of the following three): 


o Partially done;

o Not done.

In case of identifying actions of the authorities that create risks / contradict the implementation of the recommendations, give it an additional status:

! Threats. 

  1. Justify the status given to each recommendation. The justification should contain an analytical description of the government's actions related to the implementation (or not) of each of the recommendations for the reporting period, as well as a precise indication of the relevant government decisions, regulations, their numbers and dates.

  1. Summarize the number of recommendations that correspond to each status.

Total recommendations: 

Done - 

o Partially done -

o Not done - 

! Threats - 

Section 2. The current major challenges to implementation of the reform (at the time of monitoring)

Section 3. Recommendations on reform priorities for 2021–2022 (next annual period, up to URC 2022)