Platform rules

General information

1. These rules determine the procedure and conditions of use of the Website.

2. This document is the current version of the rules.

3. The Administration may change the Rules without any prior notice to the User. The new version of the Rules shall enter into force upon their posting unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Rules. The User is obliged to get acquainted with the latest versions of the Rules.

4. The Rules come into force for an individual User from the moment of his consent, by accepting all the conditions of the Rules by clicking the "Accept Rules" button. In this way, the User agrees to exercise in good faith the rights he receives in connection with obtaining permission to use the Website and also undertakes to strictly perform the duties and comply with the prohibitions and restrictions provided by these Rules.

5. The Website may additionally set conditions for the use of specific resources and services.

6. The actual use of the Website by the User means his acceptance of these Rules, both during the first, one-time use of the Site and in the future. The User cannot continue to use the Site if he does not agree with these rules.

7. For these rules, the following terms have the following meanings:

The Website is the computer program with integrated modules that can be used to obtain, publish, and offer information for publication. The Website is located at

The User is the person interested in obtaining information on reforms and public expression of will.

The Administrator is the person who provides technical support to the Website, provides or denies access to the management module to the Editors.

The Administrative part of the Website is the part of the Website, which is accessed through a web browser and which is intended for use by the module, is closed to visitors.

The Public part of the Website is the Website's web pages that should be accessible without any additional actions, such as authorization or registration.

The Editor is the person who has the right to edit the materials of the sections of the Website.

The Authorized User is the person who has access to the public part of the Website, as well as the information, functionality, and sections that open after authorization.

The Visitor is any person who goes to the Website to obtain its information.

8. Modules integrated into the Website provide the ability to manage user profile information, comment, and offer suggestions to publications. The Website provides automatic access to the above data and displays them on the Public part of the Website.

9. The main tasks of the Website are:

9.1. Informing Visitors about current information on the state of reforms and initiatives;

9.2. Aggregation of proposals of representatives of the public sector, business and government on the assessment and recommendations for reforms in Ukraine

9.3. Obtaining support for specific reforms from public and business organizations

10. The pages of the Website are formed programmatically based on:

  • from the data stored in the module at boot ;
  • information from the database on the server;
  • from the data entered by the Visitor independently.

11. Each User of the Website, depending on the scope of access rights, belongs to one of the following categories:

  • Administrator;
  • Editor;
  • Authorized User;
  • Visitor.
  • Administrator

The Administrator

12. Access to the site administration must be carried out using a unique login and password.

12.1. The Administrator is obliged to:

  • provide Authorized Users and the Editor with the appropriate amount of rights to manage/edit data and/or functionality of the Website;
  • provide Visitors with free access to the publicly available functionality of the Website;
  • add Users with Editor's rights;
  • ensure the confidentiality, protection, and encryption of data collected or processed in the course of the Website;
  • timely inform visitors about defects in the work of the Website;
  • take measures to maintain the smooth operation of the Website.

12.2. The Administrator has the right to:

  • in case of malfunctions of the Website, make changes to the materials posted on the Website;
  • post news, information about reforms and own analytical materials on the Website;
  • having warned the users of the Website, to install additional functionality (the fee for using the other feature of the Websiteis set separately);
  • eliminate defects in the work of the Website;
  • provide the Authorized User with access to the public part of the Website, as well as to the information and sections that open after authorization;
  • add users with Editor's rights;
  • block the login (account) of the Authorized User or the Editor in case of violation or reasonable suspicion of violation of these Rules or the legislation of Ukraine;
  • delete comments from site users;
  • manage and configure site functionality;
  • have access to databases created in the process of work;
  • use the information obtained to develop other products, as well as for marketing purposes.

12.3. The Administrator has no right to:

  • unreasonably make changes to the data posted on the Website;
  • disclose the login of the Authorized User or the Editor.

12.4. The Administrator lawfully uses the intellectual property rights to the integrated module that has been transferred to the Administrator by the owner of these rights, including, but not limited to:

12.4.1. The right to use the Website and other derivative elements (codes, modules, parts).

12.4.2. The right to allow or prohibit the use of the Website by other persons, which includes in particular:

  • the right to public performance and public notice;
  • the right to reproduce;
  • the right to public demonstration and public display;
  • the right to any re-publication;
  • the right to translation;
  • the right to rework, adapt and other similar changes;
  • the right to be included as part of another copyright object;
  • the right to distribute;
  • the right to submit their works to the public;
  • the right to lease property and (or) commercial rental after the first sale, alienation in another way.

12.5. If it is necessary to inform the Administrator of any information required by Ukraine's Legislation, these Rules or other documents, the User may contact the email address: Except as required by applicable law, the Administrator may, but is not required to respond to such emails.

The Visitor

13. The Visitor of the Website can be any person who follows the link: 

13.1. Within the functionality of the Website, the Visitor has the right to:

  • use publicly available data obtained from the Website for their purposes, but with an explicit reference to the source;
  • without any additional authorization and payment to access the public part of the Website;
  • notify the Administrator about defects in the work of the Website;
  • have access to the new features of the Website under the conditions specified by the Administrator.

13.2. The Visitor does not have the right to access the Administrative part of the module.

The Authorized User

14. The Authorized User has access to the public part of the Website, as well as to the information and sections that open after authorization.

15. The Authorized User has a personal account. Login to the personal account is via login and password.

16. Access to the personal account provides the Authorized User with the following opportunities:

  • analyze independently entered information and information obtained from external sources as well as from other users of the platform;
  • enter personal information as well as other information.

16.1. The Authorized User has the right to:

  • free access to the public part of the Website;
  • create a personal account;
  • create a request for registration of the organization;
  • monitor the accuracy of the data provided on the Website.

16.2. The Authorized User does not have the right to:

  • delete the data on the Website;
  • change the functionality of the Website, or in any other way interfere with the work of the Website ;
  • transfer the login and password to third parties without prior written consent from the Administrator.

The Editor

157. The Editor has the right to access and edit the materials of sections of the Website.

17.1. The Editor has a right to:

  • control and edit information contained in the database;
  • in agreement with the Administrator to publish and edit materials of sections of the Website;
  • perform other actions related to site management in agreement with the Administrator.

17.2. The Editor has no right to:

  • distribute the information available in the databases, unless otherwise agreed with the Administrator;
  • add new functionality of the Website without the consent of the Administrator;
  • make changes to the Website that make it impossible for it to function correctly.


18. Through the Website you can access other sites on the Internet. The Administrator does not control other Internet sites, which are accessed through the Website, the User accesses them only at his own risk. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Administration is not responsible for the availability of such sites and their content, as well as for any consequences associated with the use of the content of these sites.

19. The Administrator is not responsible for the compliance of the purpose of the Website with the purpose of the Users.

20. ADMINISTRATOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR failures in the Website, the reliability of data obtained from the SYSTEM hub, lack of speed, or viewing data, but must take the necessary measures to eliminate defects and correct RELATED ERRORS.

Dispute resolution

21. Any disputes should be resolved through negotiations. In case of impossibility to resolve the dispute through negotiations, the dispute shall be determined by the competent court at the location of the Administration by the legislation of Ukraine.