About the Platform

UAReforms is an open communication and advocacy platform for active citizens, public organizations, business, and other stakeholders.

The purpose of the UAReforms is the implementation of quality public policy in Ukraine by discussing a wide range of stakeholders proposals to the government and governmental documents on reforms.

The goal of the UAReforms is the development of a consolidated position of civil society and all stakeholders on the implementation of the necessary reforms in Ukraine.

At the first stage of the platform, analytical briefs on reforms in Ukraine, prepared for the Ukraine Reform Conference 2020, which will take place in Vilnius (Republic of Lithuania), are offered for discussion. Previously, URC was organized in Canada, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

The platform was created on the initiative of the Public Association "Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition". The Association was established by the RPR members, the association of NGOs and experts that after the Revolution of Dignity joined their forces in March 2014 to develop a consolidated position on the reforms necessary for the country and their proper implementation.

The RPR Coalition purpose, objectives and values remain unchanged support for and advancement of reforms in order to build an independent, consolidated, democratic, legal, strong and authoritative Ukrainian state with a wealthy society and equal development and self-fulfilment opportunities for each person, as well as promotion of the consolidation of civil society in Ukraine.


Partners in preparation for URC